Sponsor A Widow

The Widows Might Program seeks to instruct, encourage, and empower these women by providing food assistance each month, five goats in the first year (to help them start their own self sustaining herd), skill training and Bible instruction.

Naitaiaang Kitalu NKU-WM2


Naitaiaang's husband died 20 years ago from stomach related issues, and she was his only wife. She has 6 children, 2 of whom are married. The other 4 children live at home along with 3 grandchildren. Naitaiaang has 1 goat, and she collects firewood to sell to support her family. She was never able to attend school and does not know how to read or write.  

Nasuju Kasale  NKU-WM18


Nasuju was born in 1925 and has 10 children.  Her husband died 10 years ago at the age of 87.  Nasuju was never able to attend school.  She said, "God provides me with everything living under the care of sons and daughters.  I love Jesus Christ."

Naleutewesha Kudate  NKU-WM19


Naleutewesha's husband died of diabetes.  She has 5 children and also takes care of 3 grandchildren.  To support her family, she collects firewood for others and sells sugar and salt.

Nailepu Taga  OLO-WM6


Nailepu has 6 children, 3 of whom are still at home.  Her husband died 3 years ago due to cancer.  She has 1 cow and 10 goats.  Nailepu has not attended school and does not know how to read or write.

Noontawua Yiale  OLO-WM7


Noontawua has 8 children: 2 are married and the others are in school (2 are in primary, 2 in secondary, and 2 are home).  Her husband died a long time ago. She was one of 3 wives but is the only one left.  Noontawua did not attend school.  She owns 4 goats and 6 sheep and used to sell charcoal for income as well but also works for others doing gardening.

Paranae Nkurumwa  OLO-WM9


Paranae has 4 children: 3 are in school and 1 is at home.  Her husband died in January 2018 after a long illness.  She was the second wife of two and did not go to school.  Paranae has 3 cows and 6 goats.  For extra income, she sells maize as a market broker.  However, it is a great challenge for her when there is no maize available.

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