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     The Widow's Might Program seeks to instruct, encourage, and empower these women shown below by providing food assistance each month, five goats in the first year (to help them start their own self sustaining herd), skills training and Bible instruction. The cost of this program is $65 per month, and the length of the program for each sponsored widow is two years.


     Click on the video below to hear from those directly involved in our widows program. Then scroll down to learn about widows currently waiting be part of this life-changing opportunity. You may sign up on this page to sponsor any one of them.

Meeyu Nkoitiko



Meeyu's husband passed away in 2018 from illness.  When the husband died, his first wife left, leaving Meeyu alone to raise her three boys and three girls.  She was fifteen years old when she married, and she never attended school.  Her neighbors have assisted her with food and even funds for school fees.  Meeyu only recently moved to the Orkarkar area where she has seen many women receiving assistance with goats and food.

Melua Koshal



Melua was able to attend school up to grade 4, but she says that she is not very good at reading and writing.  She did not continue with school because her parents could not afford the school fees. So they found a husband for her instead. Her husband passed away two years ago from an illness, leaving her with the care of eight children.  One of her daughters is married, and the rest are in school.  Paying school fees for six children is a huge challenge for Melua.  She has seen other widows receiving food and goats and is very grateful that she has been asked to join the program.

Nemao Tupusat



Nemao's husband passed away due to illness ten years ago, leaving Nemao with six children.  She was the only wife and was married around age fourteen.  Her biggest challenges are food and school fees.  Nemao said, "we really are just struggling."  She heard about the Widow's Might program, and that it was really working well.  She saw with her own eyes the many widows who have been part of the program and the assistance and goats that they have received.

Margirett Mpoe



Margirett's husband passed away twenty years ago.  She never had the opportunity to attend school.  Margirett has seven children (six girls and one boy).  Her sister wife is part of the Widow's Might program, and Margirett has seen how much help that program has been to her.  Margirett's biggest challenges are paying school fees and being able to provide food for her family.


Nairoishi Shololo



Nairoshi attended school up to the 5th grade, after which her family married her off.  Her husband passed away in 2006.  She has seven children (five boys and two girls).  Nairoshi's biggest challenge is paying school fees for her children.  She has two that are in high school, which is much more expensive than primary.  Nairoshi also struggles to be able to provide enough food for her family.


Nooragirang Sayielel



Nooragirang's husband passed away 15 years ago.  He was killed by a water buffalo that attacked him.  She was the second wife, and has a total of eight children.  When the husband died, the first wife left because the two of them were facing severe poverty issues.  Nooragirangnever had the opportunity to attend school and was married when she was just thirteen years old.

Kaaka Yiaile



Kaaka is the second of two wives.  Their husband passed away ten years ago.  She has eight sons.  Two of them are now married, and she has three grandchildren.  Kaaka never had the opportunity to attend school.  Her biggest challenges are school fees and food to feed her family.  Kaaka said, "I have heard good things about this program, how widows are receiving assistance and learning how to make bread that helps them earn money."


Meeyu Parmuat



Meeyu lost her husband in 2019 from kidney issues.  He had been sick for six years.  Meeyu is the youngest of two wives and has two boys and three girls.  Three of her children attend school.  Paying the school fees and providing food are huge challenges for her.  Meeyu was very happy when asked to be part of the widows' program because she has heard that the program is well run and really assisting widows like herself.

Kibarisho Kupai



Kabariso's husband passed away six years ago at the age of 40.  She is the second of two wives.  Kibariso has a total of five children, three girls and two boys.  Three of the children attend school.  She herself never attended school, so she does not know how to read or write.  Kibariso's biggest challenges are paying for her children's school fees and being able to provide food.  She often has to beg her neighbors for clothes.

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