Feeding Program

With periodic drought conditions in many East African areas, Kenya Hope searched for answers to the problems being experienced by the people


  ....cattle died, leaving whole villages
      without a source of food and income.

  ....Without enough rain to replenish rivers,
       lakes and wells, water tables went
       remarkably low , forcing people to dig
      deeper and walk farther to find water.

  ....Gardens dried up, and food became
      expensive or unavailable at any cost.

  ....People died for lack of food and

  ....The physical stress brought illness
      and weariness.  Strength was gone
      and hope was lost.

  ....Spiritual needs are neglected because
      of the lack of energy and ability to walk
      the many miles to attend church.


YOU can help!! $15 a month provides food assistance to needy Kenyan families, particulary widows with children to support.  Won't you help us help them?




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