Kenya Hope has researched and sought out new communities that desire assistance.  Two communities in particular stand out to us .  Their needs are staggering.  Both are extremely isolated .  The closest town is a 5 hour drive.  Water is a critical concern.  They are forced to walk miles to the nearest source.  Schools are 5 to 10 miles away.  Only 12 individuals have completed elementary school and one has completed high school.  There is no medical facilities available and no evangelical presence.


Due to their isolation, these Maasai communities live as they have for centuries, practicing traditional customs.  Some of these customs involve marriage at a young age and initiations.


Kenya Hope began working with this community in 2015.  Today they hold classes for Pre-school with 90 students to class 4 with 250 students!


There is currently a kitchen, teacher residences housing 5 teachers, a full church and 4 class rooms.


We have also installed 4 water tanks at the center and have converted an electric well to a solar powered well for the community use.




  • Plans to send team for oversight and future goal setting.
  • Raise the funding to continue the development of this center

Prayer Needs

  • Pray for wisdom and insight for further development
  • Pray for leadership to continue to develop this Hope Center



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