Ololtoto Hope Center

Ololtoto was started in 1985, and is the oldest of our Hope Centers. It has the infrastructure of a chapel, clinic, full primary school with teacher’s housing units, and a windmill that pumps water to two storage tanks before it runs by gravity through pipes to the clinic, kitchen and teacher’s houses.


Besides the regular Sunday services, the chapel holds other activities including Sunday school, Bible Fellowships,  Saturday Clubs, and other programs that benefit children and their families.  Our pastor visits the surrounding villages every day to help and encourage the people.


Ololtoto’s clinic has become very important to the Maasai community.   The clinic includes both curative and preventative medicine. The nurse takes time to create awareness among the people of the need for good hygiene, sanitation, food and diet. 


Our Primary school provides education to over 500 children under the Kenya Government curriculum of education.  Two dormitories have been built for the 100 boys and girls who need such help in in order to attend school.   Several of our sponsored children attend high school in the locality.


Income generation projects are helping many widows, and men with

families to support.

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