Mutulu Hope Center

Mutulu is located in the North Eastern part of Kenya among the Kamba people. Dr. Larry Vukov of the Autumn Ridge Church in Minnesota has been bringing teams to work in the Mutulu Hope Center since 1996.  They have built the chapel, clinic, school, teacher’s houses, and most recently Hope Houses for boys and girls living at the Center.  The contribution of the teams has been invaluable in other areas, such as, teaching and training.


The chapel of the Mutulu Hope Center is well advanced in its operations.  Many have come to Christ through the Chaplain’s preaching of the Gospel, and the congregation continues to grow in fellowship and learning the truth of God’s Word. Bible studies, village visitation, and many other activities are a part of each day.


Our clinic in Mutulu is clean and well organized. Thanks to the efforts of our qualified nurse, many medical needs are being met and lives are being saved. We very much need a Lab Technician at least two days a week to assist with the diagnosis of illnesses.  Just as in each Hope Center, the patient can listen to the recorded Word of God on cassettes in their own language while they wait for their medicine


                Our Sponsorship program makes it possible for many children to attend our school in order to gain an education which otherwise would not have been possible.  The child is also put into a daily feeding program.  Sponsors send funds to keep their child in school, and encourage them along the way with written notes.  Sponsors often send special

gifts or have gifts bought in Kenya on their behalf.


Income generation is very important at Mutulu. Our “Kids for Kids” program is doing well and is providing children with a baby goat to begin re-stocking the herd that was lost by the drought.  This provides security for the child’s future and teaches responsibility as the children learn to care for their own animals.



Many women enjoy and are helped by the “duka” or small shop income generation project.  The shop is stocked with sugar, tea, cooking oil, fresh vegetables, salt, school supplies, soap, and many other commonly used items needed by members of the community.  The shop also provides a place for the women to sell their own crafts to any visitors that come to the Hope Center.


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