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Moses Moiloji ILK-M46



There are four boys and a girl in this family.  Their father passed many years back.  The mother burns charcoal to make ends meet, but she is struggling with fees for her children.  Some have only managed to gain elementary education because thee are no funds to further their education. 

Faith Naipariae  ILK-F49



Faith loves school and is performing excellently academically.  she has two elder siblings plus three much older sisters.  Faith lives with her parents who take care of her basic needs at home but her parents need help with school fees so that Faith's love of education isn't wasted. 

Christine Mutheu   KIB-F178-2




Christine and her family live in the Kibera slums.  Joblessness and poverty have crippled this family, and they are not able to support their children at home much less at school.  James and Bernice work very hard to m ake ends meet, but the little they earn just isn't enough.  Christine has three brothers.  She promises to work hard in school so that she can find work to help herself and her family. 

Kennedy Kimanzi  KIB-M285



Kennedy is the third in a family of three children.  His elder sister is in college and his brother is in 7th grade.  kennedy's mother works for the Kenya Hope office in the Sponsorship Department  while his father finds casual jobs as an electrician wherever he finds to help support the family.  The income of both parents is not sufficient to provide kennedy and his two siblings with an education and also meet the other basic needs of the family.  

Ann Munyu KIB-F276


Ann is the last born in a family of four children.  The father and mother separated some years back leaving Ann's mother to take care of the children alone.  Ann is very committed to our Saturday Bible Club and helps a lot in leading the other children during the Bible Club hour.  She is a very bright girl and has the potential to perform well.  However, she is sent home frequently because of lack of school fees which makes her miss important classes. 


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