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Christine Mutheu   KIB-F178-2




Christine and her family live in the Kibera slums.  Joblessness and poverty have crippled this family, and they are not able to support their children at home much less at school.  James and Bernice work very hard to m ake ends meet, but the little they earn just isn't enough.  Christine has three brothers.  She promises to work hard in school so that she can find work to help herself and her family. 

Sherwin Muhonja   KIB-F149-2



Sherwin lives with her parents, Joseph and Judith, and one brother.  Joseph works construction jobs when he can find them.  Judith is employed as house help just to make sure they have some income to provide for their family. Life in the slums becomes extremely difficult when there is no employment and the bills keep coming in.  She would like to be a doctor and is a talented singer.

Peninah Morgawa  KIB-F277




Peninah's mother was a single lady when she gave birth to Peninah, she left her with the auntie, Catherine Kwamboka. Peninah is the only child of her mother and continues to live with Catherine, who has three chilren of her own. The auntue has small buisnesses and finds it hard to feed and care for her three children plus Peninah. Most of the time, Peninah relies on well wishers to get her shcool fees paid because the auntie cannot afford it, and yet she does not want to neglect her niece. They are not aware of the wereabouts of Peninah's mother through rumors say that she got married outside the country. We would love to see this bright and needy girl suceed in life and become what she desires to be in the future. The teacher at school thinks very highly of her. 

Ann Nasieku  ILK-F50




Ann joined fifth grade this year. She has one more sister and is a sister to five  boys. Her mother, Soipei, sells charcoal along the highway to earn money, and her father is employed at a big farm where he takes care of the animals. Their little bit of income is not enough to provide their children with basic needs like clothing and medical attention and also school fees.

Wycliffe Odhiambo Okelo  KSU-M38



Wycliffe lives with his  parents. His father was involved in a car accident  and lost  both of his legs. His mother finds casual work when available.There are nine children in this family, three girls and five boys. The three girls are all married. Wycliffe's elder brothers find casual fishing jobs at the shores of Lake Victoria. Wyclife really wants to have an education.

Joshua Mondro Opiyo  KSU-M56




Joshua lives with his grandmother. His mom works in a different county,  although she often does not provide enough funds to take care of the many needs of this family, and his father is mentally challenged.  Joshua's grandmother is basically the sole breadwinner of the family but is growing old and soon will not be able to afford to raise him.



Kevin Musyoki KIB-M168-2




Kevin is the youngest in the family of four children.  His mom, Martha, is a single mom who does not know the fathers of her children due to her alcoholism, however she has given her life to Christ and is now sober!  Martha takes in laundry and does other odd jobs to support her family, but it is a struggle and there is a lack of funds for schooling.  Kevin specifically asks for prayer regarding his sight since he has lost the sight in his left eye due to an infectious disease.  He is quite challenged in school because of it and worries about his future.

Andy Justin KIB-M274




Andy is the youngest in his family. His dad passed away when he was less than a year old leaving their mother to care for a family of three boys. She has been into alcoholism, drugs, and involved in gangs that have even led her into being imprisoned, leaving the boys unattended. Andy's mother is planning to send him to the village to live with his aged grandmother because she cannot afford his school fees. This will mean that Andy will not have any opportunity to go to school since the grandmother is also unable to care for him or pay for his school fees. The other relative near them is a sister to Andy’s mother, but she is also overwhelmed with caring for her own children because she is only a vegetable vender.

Shadrack Soitanae ILK-M53




Shadrack lives with his parents along with his six sister and two brothers. He has to walk for miles to get to school. His parents only sources of income are burning charcoal and farming their land. Sometimes rains do not do well in this region, especially from 2015 to date.  It's been quite dry in most areas of Narok. Shadrack would like to finish school and become a teacher to give back to the community.

Alphones Onyango KSU-M29




Alphones father died from tuberculosis in 1997.  His mother now helps village community workers train people on HIV/AIDS and earns little income from these none governmental bodies. She also has a small vegetable business in which she collects income. She feeds and takes care of three  boys. Aphone in the recent past as not been attending classes due to lack of school fees. He would like to further his education but needs support with fees

Irene Milanoi ILK-F34




Irene's mom, Florence, is a single mom who gave birth while still in high school.  They both live with Florence's older sister, Noomali, who took on the responsibility for Florence to finish her high school education and bring up Irene at home. Florence did finish high school in 2015. Noomali has been overwhelmed with trying to support her own children in addition to Florence and Irene

Collins Oyori Atandi KIB-M25




Collins' mother married another man, leaving him to live with his biological father.  His father has also remarried and has other children with his current wife.  Collins would like to be a lawyer when he grows up so that he can give justice to those who have been denied it and are oppressed.



Teresia Wambua KIB-F286




Teresia is the third in a family of five girls. Her mother is a casual worker who goes around the estates looking for some manual work to do, and her father is a drunkard. The little that the mother earns is mostly used to get food for the family, and she saves a little to pay for the rent.  Teresia’s firstborn sister is in Form 1 and attends a day school with the help of a women’s group that her mother attends. The second born is in Std 6 and is in the Kenya Hope sponsorship program. Their fourth born is in pre-unity while the youngest has not started school but is left in a daycare while the mother goes to look for some casual jobs to do.  Teresia is a good performer in school, but she can do better if she is given the opportunity to study in a good environment without being sent  home for lack of school fees. However, the children can't study well as they live in daily tension because of their father's drinking problem.Teresia also has a sister needing sponsorship, her name is Gloria Mwongeli KIB-F287.



Gloria Mwongeli KIB-F287




Gloria is the fourth born in a family of five girls. The father doesn’t appreciate the idea that his wife has girls only, and so he does not take any responsibility caring for the family and has turned to drinking heavily. Her sisters are in Form 1, Std 6, Std 5 and the last in day care respectively.  Their mother does casual jobs and works hard to raise her family but can't earn enough to take care of all her children. They don’t have any property because the father sold everything to get money for drinking. Gloria also has a sister needing sponsorship, her name is Teresia Wambua KIB-F286.

Monica Atieno Ogol KSU-F55




Monica's father passed and left his wife, Salome, to take care of the children alone. She owns a small vegetable business where she works hard to earn income towards providing for her family. Two of the older children are now only doing casual work because they never received any formal education which would have helped find better rewarding jobs. One of Salome's other daughters is also sponsored through Kenya Hope. Salome is a hard working woman who has been through much as she tries to better the lives of her children.

Isele Nasieku ILK-F51




There are two girls and three boys in this family. Isele would like to have an education but her mom, Narikunkera, works very hard doing casual work anywhere she can and finds it a challenge to even feed her children as a widow in this community. She sometimes does laundry for school teachers to earn something by the end of the day. 


Benson Kesier ILK-M52




Benson has to walk miles to school since the school next to him which was built by missionaries from Kenya Hope does not accommodate students in 6th grade. Even animal threats like hyenas and elephants on his trek to school does not prevent this soft spoken young boy from fulfilling his dreams of becoming a animal doctor - a vet. Benson has three sisters and three older brothers. His parents depend on farming, keeping animals, and burning charcoal for a living.

Elser Aluoch Adhiambo KSU-F45




Sadly Elser's mom passed away as a result of meningitis but was also HIV/AIDS positive, as is Elser. Sabina, a sister to Elser's mom and herself a widow, has been supporting and educating Elser along with her own two children from her small vegetable business. They all live at Sabina's fathers compound. Elser does very well academically.

Nempiris Nkere ILK-F47




Nempiris has two sisters and three brothers. Their parents live with their children at the Ilkerin grounds. This family farms their land as well as burning charcoal to make a living. It's difficult to support the big family with the little income they are able to earn.

Isina Doris ILK-F30-2 




Isina has two sisters and two brothers and loves school but school fees are constantly a problem.  Her father passed away from a heart complication leaving his children under the care of his wife, Noomali, who can hardly make ends meet.  Isina would like to have  good education.

Jeniffer Akinyi KIB-F197-2




Naman and Lydia are a young couple who have been blessed with children! Jeniffer is one of three biological children, but they graciously open their home to children orphaned by HIV/AIDs.  It is quite a challenge for Naman and Lydia to meet all the needs of these children, and they find it difficult to get the funds to pay for school fees and still meet the children's basic needs. Jeniffer is talented in drawing and would like to become an artist.

Denis Mbithi KIB-M43-2 




Deno, as he is popularly known, lives with his mother, Gladys, and his younger brother.  Gladys finds casual work such as doing laundry for other neighbors or any thing else she can find. As a single mother, she meets great challenges and discrimination as she looks for enough work to survive in a male-dominated society. Her husband abandoned the family, remarried, and it is believed that he has passed away from AIDs-related complications. Since birth, Dennis has always had a very close relationship with the Kenya Hope feeding center where he gets daily food.  He asks for prayer for peace in his country.

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