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Leina Nkoliaa ILK-M58




Leina is from our Illkerine Hope Center, and his is in Standard Six. He comes from a family of three brothers and three sisters. Leina assists his parents by taking care of the cows, and cleaning the compound during holiday breaks. His favorite bible story is of Luke.

Ann Nasieku  ILK-F50




Ann is in the sixth grade this year. She has one sister and five  brothers. Her mother, Soipei, sells charcoal along the highway to earn money, and her father is employed at a big farm where he takes care of the animals. Their little bit of income is not enough to provide their children with basic needs like clothing and medical attention, inaddition to school fees.

Shadrack Soitanae ILK-M53




Shadrack lives with his parents along with his six sister and two brothers. He has to walk for miles to get to school. His parents only sources of income are burning charcoal and farming their land. Sometimes rains do not do well in this region, especially from 2015 to date.  It's been quite dry in most areas of Narok. Shadrack would like to finish school and become a teacher to give back to the community.

Alphones Onyango KSU-M29




Alphones, father died from tuberculosis in 1997. His mother now helps village community workers train people on HIV/AIDS and earns a little income from these non-governmental bodies. She also has a small vegetable business from which she collects income. She feeds and takes care of three  boys. In the recent past Alphones has not been attending classes due to lack of school fees. He would like to further his education but needs support with fees.

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